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haladin_cos [userpic]


January 4th, 2015 (07:54 pm)

I just wanted to say that I will take and post better pictures at some point. right now I want to post entries so I can edit them later on. There are some costumes that will never have better pictures as I no longer have the costume, The Arwen battle dress is just one of them, some costumes will never be here as I no longer have pictures of it, such as the Gweniviere blue dress from King Arthur. I did make that dress with lots of help from the research site from the wonderful Costumersguide.com.

haladin_cos [userpic]

it's been a really long time since I posted here

May 29th, 2011 (09:20 am)

 But I wanted to post a list of what i have so far....

Here is a list of some of my costumes. Some are omitted due to "super seekrit" groups not done yet, some are just forgotten at the moment. Some of the names may mean nothing, don't worry, some day I plan on putting them all up. Some were sold, some were commissions. Till then, here is a short list of the costumes I have made:

Arwen battle
Prologue (this and Gladdy links are mixed up)
(coronation isn't done)
Fountain guard
Madame de pompadour


Wonder twins (both)
Sweeney Todd
Mrs lovettx2
Real wedding
Real prom
Wonder woman
Shield maiden
Dr horrible x2

Mad hatter
Steam punk
Kurt x 4
Poison ivy
Anna (van helsing)
Seven of nine
David Bowie
holyhead harpie
RedHeadded Wench

Made numerous pairs of pants, a few dresses and skirt..... I have a bunch of things started.

Like I said, this is just a partial list.

This is proof I'm nuts. :)

You have been warned, also, this is late for me so ignore the loopyness.

haladin_cos [userpic]

The Mad Hatter (book)

March 14th, 2010 (04:51 pm)

Why: because Disney at Halloween isn't complete without a Disney character. and one of my best friends was my Alice.

How: by using scraps of course! no really, I used all the scraps i could for the pants and vest, Pirelli let him barrow the shirt, and the hat was made by the talented GypsyHats from etsy.

The Original:
We're all mad hereCollapse )
Next up, David Bowie, Mrs. Lovette, and more.

haladin_cos [userpic]


March 14th, 2010 (04:42 pm)

 Why: because I love this guy, and who doesn't want a super hero costume? also, THE HAIR.

How: I made this costume entirely of dollar fabric at wally world. it's all spandex (what's a hero w/o spandex?) the cuffs are fun foam, and the hair was aided by my anti-graviton ray that will be out this xmas season.

The original:
Because when everyone is special, Nobody is.Collapse )

haladin_cos [userpic]

Haldir, LOTR, Fellowship of the ring

March 14th, 2010 (04:37 pm)

 Why: Because I love LOTR and Haldir. need I say more?

How: I had scraps of raw silk and a vat of dye that was calling Haldir's name. so I draped the pattern (unfortunately most of the detail is lost in the pics).

The original:
The Dwarf Breathes so Loud, we could have shot him in the dark.Collapse )

haladin_cos [userpic]

Fountain Guard, LOTR ROTK

March 14th, 2010 (04:25 pm)

 Why: because as soon as I saw this costume I HAD TO HAVE IT.

How: well, this is also a "ghetto" fab costume of mine.  I didn't buy anything aside from the feathers for it. I used papier mache for the helmet, fun foam for the armour, (I need to make the shin guards) and I used Edmunds chain mail with a dickey I made, and silk and linen with a wool blend scraps for he costume fabrics. the trim is paint with sharpie.  I hope to wear this at D*Con one year.

They Guard the White Tree.Collapse )

haladin_cos [userpic]

Anna Valarious (or Van Helsing and the terrible-Horrible, no good, very bad accent.)

March 14th, 2010 (04:24 pm)

 Why: Because a long time ago (when this movie first came out I think), I was requested to do this costume, well it was beyond my abilities so it was put on hold and forgotten. Until I decided I wanted to have a pair of crotch high leather boots with 6" heels. (j/k) no, I wanted a "sexy" costume, because I don't have one yet. so here it is.

How: this is a ghetto costume. Meaning I didn't spend one dollar on it (aside from the boots). I used silk navy velvet for the jacket and george silk for the lining. the shirt was a shirt I had in my closet and the pants are some yoga pants I had. the corset is actually more of my denim that was painted brown and the buckets and "hard wear" are fun foam. the necklace was something that was also in my closet. overall a fun cheap costume to wear. and Craig Parker touched me! (I don't have any pics of the boots of doom., I will try to get better pics.)

The Original:

Zis Vey to Dracula....Collapse )

haladin_cos [userpic]

Annette de Guyon, Blue dress, first meeting.

December 15th, 2009 (12:53 am)

WIP novel from a dear friend.

Why: Because I feel I have not captured Annette fully and wanted another go at her since she is a captivating character.

How: I fell in love with a dress while researching her time era (around the time of Queen Ann) and had the amazing luck of finding color photos of the dress whos picture I only saw in an old out-of-print book in black and white. along with this picture I fell in love with fabric that screamed at me to be made into her dress. Yes it is not at all historically accurate but the fabric screams that it belonged to her.

The Inspiration:
I can assure you he is within the cities walls.Collapse )

haladin_cos [userpic]

Ex-Commodore James Norrington, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest

December 15th, 2009 (12:31 am)

Why: Because I found that I loved Norrington in this movie, the unwilling pirate. Plus I could them make a justacorps.

How: Well I found navy wool that was perfect for this coat, and trim that also was perfect. the rest I made out of scraps, wool for the pants, silk for the lining and trimmings and cotton for the shirt. Faux leather for the baldric and belts I happened to have around, and silks for the vest. Old shell buttons add the finishing touches along with a foam sword (perfect for sword fights with sister) and flintlocks from Disney.

The Original:
My story is much the same as yours, just a few chapters behind.Collapse )

haladin_cos [userpic]

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

December 15th, 2009 (12:18 am)

Why: because I happened to have tons of 5mm silk habotai and a ton of black dye and the hankering to have HWMNBN wand.

How: With about 40 yards of thin habotai laying around I decided I wanted to have a really cool costume, so I settled my sights on Voldemort. Keep in mind I SUCK at makeup and bald caps are from the devil but I managed to have fun with this in my own house and for a brief moment at D*C because I lost a bet (one that I was happy to have lost). so with GOF as my guide (because that costume is way more interesting than a suit) I set about making the re-birth costume.

The Original:
We musen't forget our manners Mr. Potter.Collapse )

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